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Computer Software:

NEW RaceLog Pro 10 Plus (32/64 Bit Windows)

For Windows 11 and Below

Supports Altalab,
Davis*, and Altronics Trailer Stations


Click here for More Screen Shots of RaceLog Pro Plus

Part # 160VCD - RaceLog Pro 10 Plus
Format: CD-ROM
For Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP
Price: $399.95


Part # 160DLOAD - RaceLog Pro 10 Plus
For Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP
Price: $399.95



After Payment is received, within 24 hours, you will receive an email containing a download link, a PDF copy of your receipt, and a PDF copy of the program instructions. No shipping charges.

Upgrades are available, at greatly reduced prices, for all registered users of our RaceLog Pro software. For ordering information, click here:


What's New in Version 10?
This version is completely re-written and compiled for compatibility with Windows 11. It's also more compatible with the myriad of anti-virus applications that more often produce false positives on clean apps. All windows in the program can be resized, moved, and where possible will restored to previous position and size on the next launch of the app.

New in Version 9:
Support for the newest Altalab AltaCom 4x and AltaCom 4xR Trailer Stations.

Support for Altronics latest "PRO" Trailer Stations. Also, support for "top end throttle stop." Comprehensive improvement to the Horsepower Corrected Weight function for 1/4 mile (Gasoline, E85, Methanol) and 1/8 mile (Gasoline, E85, Methanol modes. Great for those racers using ballast to adjust ET including Jr Dragsters.

Also supporting Altalab Alta and AltaCom II trailer stations. Our software will use the integral Altalab paging system if so equipped.

There is also an option to use a Family Software add-on paging transmitter for all Altalab and Altronics weather stations. So, adding a paging system or upgrading your current paging system couldn't be easier or more economical.

UHF/SMS paging at a user selected 1 to 30 minute interval for multiple cars simultaneously.

Export Weather: Added feature to export weather data to RacePak software.

Export Database
An "Export Database as CSV File" function for those wishing to export their data into Excel or other database program.

(- Zoom +) Computer display screens keep getting bigger so we've added the - Zoom + feature so that you can adjust the size of the program windows to your screen resolution or taste. All windows are also movable and individually resizable.

SQL Query Database
Structured Query Language (SQL) is a powerful database tool. We can use the "SELECT" statement and the "WHERE" clause to find only the records in your database table that meet with specific criteria.

Interactive Custom Report
At times you'll want to view only certain fields in a recordset for easy comparison, especially when using SQL Search. We've added an Interactive Custom Report that is viewable and printable. You can design a report "on the fly" by clicking on the field buttons.

Opponent Database
We've added an Opponent Database for those "wheel racers" who need to know the performance capability of their competition. After adding your run to the database click on Opponent Database and "Add New" to enter your opponents performance data using their car number and/or name.

RaceLog Pro 10 Plus is the Weather Station and Paging System enabled version of our RaceLog Pro software. You don't need a trailer station or paging system to use RaceLog Pro 9 Plus, but if you do, it supports the Altalab Alta, Altalab AltaCom II, Altalab AltaCom 4x, Altalab AltaCom 4xR, Davis Vantage Vue wireless, Davis Vantage Pro, Davis Vantage Pro2 cabled and wireless, Davis Weather Monitor II, Altronics PAPC, Altronics Performaire Weather Center, Altronics "PRO", and select Professional Lacrosse weather stations. Plus, several UHF Paging Systems. However, you do not need a UHF Paging System when using Free SMS (text or email) paging using your Internet connection, and a cell phone or other wireless device.

You can add a weather station and one of our paging systems at any time. RaceLog Pro 10 Plus is the software we include with every Weather Station Package that we offer.

UHF/SMS paging at a user selected 1 to 30 minute interval for multiple cars simultaneously.

Supported Trailer Stations:

Altalab Alta
Free SMS Text/Email and/or Family Software UHF Paging

Altalab AltaCom II
Free SMS Text/Email, Altalab UHF Paging, and/or Family Software UHF Paging

Altalab AltaCom 4x
Free SMS Text/Email

Altalabe AltaCom 4xR
Free SMS Text/Email and Altalab UHF Paging

Davis Vantage Pro2
--> Models 6152 Wireless or 6152C Cabled
--> Models 6252, 6253, (Only when equipped with older 6312 LCD Console)

Free SMS Text/Email and/or Family Software UHF 1-30 second Paging

Davis Vantage Vue
--> Model 6250 Wireless
--> Model 6242 Wireless (Only when equipped with older 6351 or 6312 LCD Console)
Free SMS Text/Email and/or Family Software UHF 1-30 second Paging

Davis Vantage Pro
(Model 6150, 6151)
Free SMS Text/Email and/or Family Software UHF1-30 second Paging

Davis Weather Monitor II
Free SMS Text/Email and/or Family Software UHF 1-30 second Paging

LaCrosse Professional Weather Center
(WS-2010, WS-2210, WS-2510, WS-7015)
Free SMS Text/Email and/or Family Software UHF 1-30 second Paging

Altronics (ALT-PAPC) Performaire PC
Free SMS Text/Email and/or Family Software UHF 1-30 second Paging

Altronics Performaire Weather Center
Free SMS Text/Email, Altronics UHF Paging, and/or Family Software UHF 1-30 second Paging

Altronics PRO Weather Station
Free SMS Text/Email, Altronics UHF Paging, and/or Family Software UHF 1-30 second Paging

RaceLog Pro Plus is the ultimate Drag Racing Logbook, and ET Prediction system for your personal computer. It supports an unlimited number of databases each having an unlimited number of records. RaceLog Pro automatically tracks weather conditions, run information, weather corrected run segments, vehicle settings, component runs, track conditions, expenses, points, winnings, and more. Weather correction calculations support gasoline, methanol, and E85 fuel. Any run can be located immediately by Run #, Track, Event, or Date. A Form-view allows the user to see and edit all the data on just one screen. An exclusive dual Table-view allows comparison of multiple runs within a database, or between databases. Records and reports can be printed instantly. RaceLog Pro Plus interfaces with many trailer stations and weather stations to automatically input the air conditions and do its computations without any help from the user. It will also interface with Family Software Weather Paging system to send your predicted ET, throttle stop prediction and all weather conditions directly to the racer in the staging lanes.

RaceLog Pro Plus will install on all Windows platforms, including Windows 11, with at least an 800x600 VGA or higher display. It comes completely set up to page up to four (4) different cars and/or Right Lane/Left Lane ET Predictions simultaneously. The installation program gives the user an option to place shortcuts on the desktop during installation and this is recommended.

If you are using a supported weather station with RaceLog Pro Plus, it isn't necessary to enter the weather data to a new record manually. Racelog Pro Plus maintains a separate Date/Time indexed weather database while it is running. When adding, editing, or inserting a new run, if weather data is available, a Data Control appears allowing you to select the weather according to the Date and Time on your time slip and is entered automatically into the database record.

RaceLog Pro Plus uses TrueWind ET Prediction, another innovation from Family Software. TrueWind is the actual amount of wind force that is capable of affecting your car's performance. TrueWind values are used in accurately predicting variations in elapsed time due to changes occurring in wind speed and wind direction. Regardless of the wind direction and total wind speed, using TrueWind, a trailer-mounted weather station can also be used to measure the actual head or tail wind occurring on the race track! The built-in ET Predictor Pro uses the TrueWind values from your Base Run, the current TrueWind values, and a Wind Factor specific to your car, to produce a TrueWind adjusted ET, and sends it directly to your pager, cell phone, or other wireless device in the staging lanes. If you are manually entering your weather data, you can still use a hand held wind meter with TrueWind ET Prediction.

RaceLog Pro Plus has a special ET Predictor screen for eighth mile racers. If you enter a zero (0) in the fields for 1000 foot ET and 1320 foot ET of the logbook run record, the ET Predictor knows this is an eighth mile run. When you open the ET Predictor, it will automatically display the 1/8-Mile Mode.

Pager messages received have a Pager Identity P1, P2, P3, P4, or P5. By adding the Pager ID to each message, it is easy to match a paging message with the instance of RaceLog Pro Plus that sent it. Therefore, if you only have one pager, you can now send simultaneous messages for different cars, or right lane and left lane ET predictions to the same pager. Here is an example Page:

P1- ET:8.862 TS:1.379 B:30.03 T:67 RH:49 G:47 V.326 HC:1.0166 AD:97.96 DA:701 DP:47 W:3.0

Our pager units are the best in the industry, are brand new, (not refurbished like our competitors), and use the latest technology. Our pager has the only LCD display in the industry that will show up to 8 lines of text. This means that you can see all your data on just one (1) screen and not have to scroll back and forth. Our competitors use pagers that cannot compare in features, quality, or value, yet they charge you from $100 to $150 more for each pager!

RaceLog Pro Plus uses Family Software's proprietary Horsepower Correction formulas for ET Prediction, the only completely scientific formulas in the industry. Our ET Prediction is based on the amount of horsepower being produced based on the RELATIVE OXYGEN in the air and a COMPUTER MODEL of your particular cars performance. We DO NOT average weather data, run data, or use outdated (and inaccurate!) Density Altitude calculations for ET Prediction. Our original formulas are perfectly accurate and have never needed changing.

RaceLog Pro has always used Vapor Pressure and is the only ET Prediction software to handle humidity calculations correctly. You won't find any "fudge factors" in our software. Here are some of the calculations provided:

Horsepower Correction Factor
Air Density Index
Density Altitude
Vapor Pressure
Water Grains per Pound
Dew Point Temperature
Horsepower Corrected Weight

Standard Pressure ET Correction
Predicted 60' ET
Predicted 330' ET
Predicted 660' ET
Predicted 1000' ET
Predicted 1320' ET
Throttle Stop Prediction
Run Completion ET
TrueWind 660' Prediction
TrueWind 1000' Prediction
TrueWind 1320' Prediction
Top End Throttle Stop

And our exclusive Run Segment Analysis feature to compare and graph runs to see as little as .001 of a second difference at different points on the race track. Differences that are not due to weather change. This is a feature that Bob Kodadek developed, copyrighted, and is a trademark of Family Software. We are the original ET Prediction software developer and innovator in this industry!

Remember, often imitated, but never duplicated, we have been "The ET Prediction Experts" since 1986.

------- Original Message -------
On Tue Jun 3 05:34:30 2014, The following information was submitted:
subject = Question submit_by = tarmstrong

message = Hi Bob, just wanted to let you know we got our second win of the season on Sunday using your stuff!

Thanks, Tim

------- Original Message -------
Subject: Picture
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2009 08:57:00 -0700
From: Robert Johnson
To: Bob Kodadek

Here are a couple pictures I had taken at the first of the year. These are what my son has won with this car since we built it and started racing it in June of 2004. There are 25 Wally's in the picture and since has picked up one more in Seattle.

Thanks for the help,

Bob Johnson

------- Original Message -------
Subject: Re: FS Secure Email
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2009 17:03:26 +0100
From: Pete Creswell
To: Bob Kodadek

Hi Bob,

Just to let you know that the program worked O.K. on the new PC. In fact we managed to qualify #3 in Super Comp with a 8.901 and backed it up on the next session with a 8.906. We then went on to Win the class in eliminations the next day. All we have to do know is see if we can repeat that at the next race.

Best Regards,

Pete Creswell, United Kingdom

- ------- Original Message --------
On Mon Oct 5 15:58:30 2009
Sales subject = King Of The Track

Bob the weather station has been real good thanks for your help. We won King of the track at Atco Raceway, What is your e-mail I will send you a picture

Dean Nickerson

------- Original Message --------
On Sat Nov 14 17:16:39 2009
Sales subject = Pro Gas Championship

Hi Bob, I wanted to let you know that we won the Southern California Pro Gas Association Championship. The software and the car are finally in sync. We had a great season. Runner-up at the first race then winner the next day. We held the lead 5 out of 7 races. Glen and I couldn't be happier. The champion (and his lovely wife) gets a week in Maui in a 3 bedroom condo on the beach including airfare and a rental car. (No you can't go, sorry.) Just thought I'd pass along another success story for your great product.

Thanks again for all your support.
Mo & Glen Smith

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: RaceLog Pro 6 Plus
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2009 15:56:28 -0400

Thank you for the unlock code the system is amazing we had a huge weather front come through at the last race and it cooled off somewhere around 11 degrees and every condition changed. The program said to drop it from a 5.21 to a 5.17 so I did and it ran a 5.171 on the 5.17!

Thanks again,
Kevin Berry

-------- Original Message --------
Date: Mon APR 27 08:01:44 2009
Subject = Runner Up!!!!

Bob, first of all I want to say thank you for all your help at the end of last week. You really made me feel like I wasn't being hurried as far as helping me set up the software, etc. on my computer.

We ran more 9.90's in one weekend than we have in a whole season!

We had a blast and ended up runner up!


Doug and Janine

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Pager
Date: Sat, 9 Aug 2008 08:49:33 EDT
From: ChuckWestcott


Pager got here early am- Thanks sooo Much.

I ran a .002/9.901 first round- # 1 Qualifier. I could not have accomplished that without my pager.

Best Regards,
Chuck Wescott
Director of MotorSports-Indianapolis Goodridge, USA



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