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Support - Technical Help Line: 610-497-5561

USB Drivers
Instructions (.PDF)

New Version - Software Upgrades

RaceLog Pro 10.4 Plus Upgrade (New for 2024)
(Version: 10.4) Windows 11 Compatible. This upgrade is for all versions prior to version 10.0.

RaceLog Pro 10 Lite Upgrade (New for 2024)

(Version: 10) Windows 11 Compatible. This upgrade is for all versions prior to version 10. 0.

Free - Downloads

DataMaster 4.17 Analysis Software
(Version 417) 9/16/2022 - Download here

USB and Serial Drivers

Prolific PL-2303 HXD Windows 10 and 11 Installer
USB to Serial adapter. Installs either Driver Version 3.9.1 for Windows 11 or Driver Version 3.8.41 for Windows 10.

CH341 USB Driver - Version 3.8
For USB Paging System

FTDI USB Driver- Version 2.12.28
For Altronics Performaire PC and USB-To-Serial adapters using the FTDI Chipset.

Silicon Labs CP210x USB Driver For Windows 10/11
For Davis 6510USB WeatherLink Windows 10 and 11 (Version

Silicon Labs CP210x USB Driver For Windows 8, 7, XP
For Davis 6510USB WeatherLink Windows 8.1, 7, XP 64-bit (Version

Prolific PL-2303 HX/HXA Windows 64-bit Installer
This is the Prolific 64-bit driver installer for the obsolete PL-2303 HX/HXA adapter.

Prolific PL-2303 HX/HXA Windows 32-bit Installer - Contains serspl.inf, serwpl.inf serspl.vxd, pserenum.vxd, ser2pl.sys, ser2pl64.sys, ser9pl.sys, etc.

Show or Hide Windows Update Tool
Microsoft has a tool that allows Windows users to hide or block specific unwanted Windows Updates and/or Driver Updates. Using the Show or Hide Updates Tool, you can stop it from downloading specific unwanted updates.


USB to Serial Adapter FAQs

Q. How do I find the Windows Device Manager to see my USB to Serial Adapter port assignments?

A. Every Windows operating system uses a different succession of multiple mouse clicks to eventually end up at the Device Manager. Why Microsoft chooses to make things so difficult for the end user is beyond me. However, there is a shortcut that can be used on any Windows machine to access the Device Manager directly, and at any time. It's this simple:

1. Hold down the Windows key on the keyboard, and press the "R" key.
2. In the textbox that appears, type: devmgmt.msc and Click OK, or Press Enter.

Bingo, you're in the Device Manager! Once there, Double Click on:

"Ports (Com & LPT)"

and you'll see the Com Port assignments for your USB to Serial Adapters, printer ports, and/or serial ports.

DataMaster Sportsman Computer FAQs

Q. What diameter of driveshaft will the 12 point ring fit? I think mine is 3 or 3.5". How does it attach? Is engine rpm determined from the MSD tach output? I have Altronics DRT with G-time. The car will 60' within .001 and reactions can be within .005 but the numbers on the DRT vary by as much as .3. From one day to the next my reactions went from .010's to .040's and I know I was not late but the DRT still shows about the same. Baffling information. My laptop only has a usb port. Will that work? Thank you in advance.

A. Actually, it's not baffling information, the data is just telling you that the device is not working. And, unless you have multiple pickup points and a high speed CPU, like our DataMaster, there is no way it can work, because every time you stage the car the pickup is in a completely different position. None of these devices, or any data recorder on the market today, are as accurate as the DataMaster, but it's a great way for them to get your money!

The DataMaster gives you a highly accurate Vehicle Reaction Time (VRT) with .001 accuracy, which allows you to see if the car is repeating during roll out and hooking consistently. Personal Reaction Time (PRT) or Driver Reaction Time (DRT) cannot be measured without being able to "read" the tree. You can, however, subtract the VRT from the Reaction Time (RT) on your time slip to see if your PRT is consistent, which is what you seem to be looking for.

If you have a dragster with a coupler, the ring goes on the female half of the coupler. Otherwise, the ring goes on the machined surface of the pinion yoke directly in front of the pinion seal. It depends on the type of rear and pinion yoke manufacturer what diameter ring you'll need. There are several different sizes available, and we can machine many custom configurations. The RPM square wave signal is provided by the MSD Tach terminal. A simple USB to Serial adapter is used if you do not have a true hardware serial port.

ET Prediction Software FAQs

Q. Does this software work with a set of gauges and a computer or do I need weather station also. Will a notebook style computer with 200 memory , 1 gig ram and basic Microsoft 7 run this. Will it load with flash drive or a disc player. What gauges do you recommend. My Performaire station died and i need a small size computer at work so I was hoping to get something to do both.

A. You can use gauges that measure barometric pressure, temperature, and humidity. Old style analog gauges are not accurate and do not update rapidly, so digital gauges are preferred. Ideally, you would want a barometric pressure gauge that reads Absolute Pressure, not corrected pressure.

The next step up would be a Davis Weather Station because it also provides wind readings that can be used in the ET Prediction result. Having a solar shield and better sensors, the accuracy is improved:

The Weather Station can be linked to your computer and have the readings go into the program automatically using the Davis WeatherLink:

Any notebook computer or laptop should be fine. However, there are some netbook computers that do not use a Windows operating system. The computer used must be running at least Microsoft Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 Home Edition. The Windows 7 Starter Edition is very limited. If the computer can run one of these operating systems, then it has enough resources to run our software. The installation program comes on a CD or can be downloaded from our web site on the internet. It can be transferred to a flash drive if the computer does not have internet access or a CD or DVD drive.

Instructions (.PDF)

Davis Vantage Pro RJ-11 Data Cable Wiring

Trouble Shooting Davis WeatherLink Communication Errors

8505 Digital EGT Kit

8515 Digital EGT Kit
8525 Digital EGT Kit

DataMaster Sportsman Computer

DataMaster Software v3.5 (DOS/Windows)
DataMaster 4.15 Software (Windows)

2010 Davis Vantage Pro Paging Package Software Setup
2010 Davis Vantage Vue Paging Package Software Setup
2014 Davis Vantage Pro Software Setup
Performaire PC Software Setup

ET-1000 ET Predictor II v6.05 with RAM
ET-1000 ET Predictor II v6.05 with EPROM
ET-1000Z ET Predictor II Palm PDA
EL-5500 III - ET Predictor v6.01

FS-1200 Paging System

Holley Strip Annihilator 800-200 User Manual

ET Predictor Pro 9

PageAire Pro 2
PageAire Pro 3

PC Tree Pro 4

RaceLog Pro 3
RaceLog Pro 4
RaceLog Pro 5
RaceLog Pro 6 Lite
RaceLog Pro 6 Plus
RaceLog Pro 7 Lite
RaceLog Pro 7 Plus
RaceLog Pro 8 Plus
RaceLog Pro 9 Lite
RaceLog Pro 9 Plus
RaceLog Pro 9.1 Plus

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