Family Software Newsletter #20 - (Updated 05/29/17)


1. An Example: DataMaster Drag Performance Analyzer in Action
2. New! High Temp 'Gun-Style' Digital Infrared Thermometer

--- DataMaster Drag Performance Analyzer in Action --
DataMaster is the fastest and most accurate performance analyzer/data recorder in the world! Nothing else can even begin to compare to this all-digital unit from Family Software.

The basic unit has a Z180 CPU running at 9.216 MHz and 1.5 MHz Direct Memory Access (DMA) channels and firmware that provides a sampling rate of 3,000 samples per second! DataMaster.2X has a Z180 CPU running at 18.432 MHz and 3.0 MHz DMA channels and firmware that provides a sampling rate of 4,500 samples per second! Both are also the fastest downloading units, at under four (4) seconds! Time to distance accuracy comes from the extremely high sampling rate, our unique drive shaft sensor with Twelve (12) pick up points, and our DataMaster Analyzer Software. No cheap magnets here. We use a high speed proximatey sensor.

How accurate is it? These units can see as little as three (3) RPM variance and as little as one (1) inch of race track. Time to distance information is accurate to one thousandth (.001) of one second. We challenge any competitor to come even close. There just isn't anything else out there that can do it, at any price.

The DataMaster is a "number cruncher's" dream. Please note: There is no down track information available to the driver.

One feature that you'll never find on a simple data recorder is our Time Slip Function. The opening screen of our Data Master software (below) shows a time slip that is as accurate as the Compulink timing system itself. Overlaid on the screen shot below is the actual time slip from the 3rd round at the Dutch Classic at Maple Grove Raceway. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, just take a look! Compare the Compulink time slip to the Time Slip Function from our DataMaster.

If I don't get a time slip from the race track, I really don't care. Check out both the E.T. and the MPH. You get Vehicle Reaction Time (VRT) too. Ever get what you think is a bogus time slip? DataMaster will reveal the truth.

DataMaster Time Slip

DataMaster has graphs for Engine/Shaft RPM vs Time, Distance vs Time, Miles Per Hour vs Time, Drive Shaft Pulses vs Time, Efficiency% vs Time, and G-force vs Time. The MPH is unusually low on this run. Let's take a look at the DataMaster Engine/Shaft RPM vs Time graph for this run and see why. (See Figure 2 Below.)

DataMaster allows you to overlay your runs. That way you can easily see the differences between your Base Run and the current one. The red line represents our base run, the green line is the current run. At the top of the graph is Engine RPM. Below this is Drive Shaft RPM.

DataMaster allows you to put the cursor (pointer) anywhere on the graph and see the data associated with this plotted point. We can easily see that the current run is quite different towards the end. DataMaster tells us that at EXACTLY 1201 Feet into the run, we backed off the throttle. This occurred at EXACTLY 7022 Engine RPM. No data recorder in the world can show you this as accurately!

You can easily see and measure the difference throttle stop duration. If you are a throttle stop racer, you really can't afford not to have one.

Figure 2

All of DataMaster's performance graphs are Time Aligned. When you download, you automatically SEE the actual run. You don't have to go and look for the start of the run and hope to be able to find it. DataMaster does it for you, right to the .001 of a second. So, when you are overlaying your runs, you are comparing apples to apples. It couldn't be accurate any other way. These graphs are accurate enough to actually see your high gear clutches wearing.

Back in the pits, DataMaster is the most accurate diagnostic tool that you have. Checking your throttle stop coasting RPM couldn't be easier or more accurate. (Figure 3 Below) Just place the cursor on the graph and read the RPM.

Figure 3

We can test the torque converter stall speed just as fast and accurately. (Figure 4 Below) You can check your MSD RPM chips in the same fashion.

Figure 4

Every time we sell one of these units, and the customer calls back and says, "I FOUND IT!!!", we know exactly what they mean. If your car doesn't repeat, or you can't run the dial or index, and you don't know why, DataMaster will find it for you. At Family Software, we do it first, and we do it better!

DataMaster is a complete package with all sensors, cables, and software. And, you get the best customer service available anywhere.
For more information, click here.

-- New High Temp 'Gun-Style' Digital Infrared Thermometer --
We now offer another Digital Infrared Thermometer with Laser Sighting, Part # IRT4. The new Gun Style unit has a temperature range of 0 to 788 degrees F, has a backlight, an 8:1 Optical Resolution, and an Auto-Off feature. The introductory price is just $99.95! That is about what you would pay for a unit WITHOUT laser sighting and with a lower temperature range. Comparable prices for a unit with these specifications is at least fifty or sixty dollars more. For specifications, click here.

-- REAL World Technical Support --
With Family Software, you'll get better technical support than anywhere on the planet. Why? Because, we design and/or use all of the products that we sell. All of my 30+ years of racing experience and knowledge is available to you and our other customers. Try to find that kind of information at any one of our competitors. You won't be able to, I guarantee it! Family Software cares about the racer and his/her success as a racer. We also want you to get the most value for your hard earned dollars.

-- Secure Ordering --
You can safely order directly from our web site. All of your information is handled on our Secure Server. We have established a privacy policy and it is posted on the web site. Our company is registered with the Public Eye for safe, secure ordering.

If you have questions or topics that you would like to see covered in this newsletter, please Email them to me.

Bob Kodadek
SC 1596
Family Software - Drag Racing Computers and Software - 610.497.5561(Voice/Fax)

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