Family Software Newsletter #19 - October 17, 2001


1. An Example: Fast, Accurate, ET and Throttle Stop Prediction with RaceLog Pro
2. New High Temp 'Gun-Style' Digital Infrared Thermometer

--- Fast, Accurate, ET and Throttle Stop Prediction with RaceLog Pro --
RaceLog Pro is definitely the most professional and best ET Prediction tool on the market today. As an example of how accurate and easy to use this program is, we went to Maple Grove Raceway on 10/11/2001 to see how quickly we could dial our BBC Super Comp dragster to an 8.90 with a brand new engine and throttle stop combination under changing weather conditions. It only takes three (3) runs to dial in the car and throttle stop using RaceLog Pro, a Windows 32 bit application by Family Software, the ET Prediction Experts! If you aren't using a throttle stop, it only takes one (1) run to dial your car perfectly. First, we made a flat out pass, using low gear and high gear, to help seat the rings and to see that all was well. The car ran a corrected 8.014 at 163.33 MPH (actual ET 8.079), and everything appeared to be functioning well and there were no leaks.

Step 1. Since this car is to be run in high gear only, on the throttle stop, we needed the first non-throttle stopped run to be a high gear run. So, with the shift timer set to .300 out, we made our first official test run, a corrected 8.446 at 161.30 MPH (actual ET 8.518).

Step 2. For the second run, we set the throttle stop to activate at .200 out and the timer duration to 1.320 which is enough time to calculate the Throttle Stop Factor for this new combination. Going on the stop at less than .150 out can hurt your reaction time as the track gets stickier. The car needs to be under power until it breaks the stage beam. The car ran a corrected 8.775 at 161.05 (actual ET 8.854). Next, using the Throttle Stop Factor Calculation Program in the RaceLog Pro ET Predictor (see below), we entered the STP corrected ET's and timer duration settings from the two (2) runs. The program gave us a throttle stop factor of .2492.

Step 3. Using the ET Predictor Program in RaceLog Pro (see below), we entered the new air conditions. RaceLog predicted the ET @ 8.848 and a Throttle Stop Setting of 1.528 in order to run the 8.900 number. We put 1.530 in for the throttle stop duration and promptly ran 8.901 at 160.02 MPH. Can it be any easier? From the company that started the entire drag racing software industry, would you expect any less?

Looking at RaceLog Pro's Run Segment Analysis (below), we can see what effect the throttle stop had on the performance and at exactly what point on the race track it occurred. Family Software invented Run Segment Analysis (tm) and have copyright and trademark rights to this feature.

These Official Compulink ET Slips (below) prove that RaceLog Pro is the most accurate and easiest to use ET Prediction System on the market today at the lowest price. There are no additional options to buy! Is there any other ET Prediction Software or System out there that works as good as RaceLog Pro? We don't think so, and neither should you! Family Software did it first and does it better. And, we are honest. We tell it like it is. One of our latest competitors does not! We believe in 'Truth in Advertising.' Fire your crew chief TODAY and start running like a professional by using a professionally designed scientific tool! Not a backyard program using home-brewed formulas with no scientific basis. Remember, averaging runs equates to average performance. At Family Software, average performance just isn't good enough!

-- New High Temp 'Gun-Style' Digital Infrared Thermometer --
We now offer another Digital Infrared Thermometer with Laser Sighting, Part # IRT4. The new Gun Style unit has a temperature range of 0 to 788 degrees F, has a backlight, an 8:1 Optical Resolution, and an Auto-Off feature. The introductory price is just $99.95! That is about what you would pay for a unit WITHOUT laser sighting and with a lower temperature range. Comparable prices for a unit with these specifications is at least fifty or sixty dollars more. For specifications, click here.

-- REAL World Technical Support --
With Family Software, you'll get better technical support than anywhere on the planet. Why? Because, we design and/or use all of the products that we sell. All of my 30+ years of racing experience and knowledge is available to you and our other customers. Try to find that kind of information at any one of our competitors. You won't be able to, I guarantee it! Family Software cares about the racer and his/her success as a racer. The other companies just want your money!

-- Secure Ordering --
You can safely order directly from our web site. All of your information is handled on our Secure Server. We have established a privacy policy and it is posted on the web site. Our company is registered with the Public Eye for safe, secure ordering.

If you have questions or topics that you would like to see covered in this newsletter, please Email them to me.

Bob Kodadek
SC 1596
Family Software - Drag Racing Computers and Software - 610.497.5561(Voice/Fax)

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