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Paging Systems:

FS-1240 GPX UHF Paging System


Part # FS1240 - GPX UHF Paging System
Price: $499.00

Synthesized, 12-volt, UHF Pocsag Paging Transmitter connects to your PC's serial port and automatically sends
the Predicted ET, Predicted Throttle Stop setting, all current weather conditions including Water Grains, Vapor Pressure, Dew Point Temperature, HP Correction, Air Density, Density Altitude, Wind Speed, and Wind Direction, directly to you in the staging lanes when used with our RaceLog Pro Plus software.

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Here is an example of an actual Page from RaceLog Pro Plus using the FS-1240 Paging System:

P1-ET: 9.006 TS: 1.279 B: 29.68 T: 68.7 RH%: 40 HCF: 1.0315 AD: 96.57 DA: 1183 DP: 43.7 WS: 4.3/Head

Includes transmitter, serial cable, 110 volt AC to 12 volt DC power supply, antenna, and one (1) alpha numeric pager. Additional pagers are available. If your PC does not have a physical 9-pin male serial port, a USB to Serial adapter (#2303-D) will be required.

Subject: Vantage Pro/PageAire Pro
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 17:30:19 EDT

Hi Bob, Just wanted to let you know that I was able to get out for some testing at Sacramento. We used the pager system on the first run with data from the old system. At the time of the run the prediction was 9.519 the actual et was 9.521, within .002 second. To say that I'm pleased would be an understatement. Thanks for your help.....Pat McDonald

UHF Synthesized Data Transmitter
2 Watt radiated effective power output
Alpha numeric Pager with memory

Carrier Detect Circuitry

Frequency: 450 - 470 MHz
Power: 9 - 15 volts DC
Current Drain: 1.2 A

Output: 2 Watts radiated effective power
Distance: up to 1 mile

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