How-To Use Gmail SMTP Server For SMS Texting

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The SMS setup variables for using the Google Gmail Free Server are:

SMTP PASSWORD: YourGmailPassword
PORT NUMBER: ......465
USE SSL:................. 1
TIME OUT:................ 90

Also, to use the Gmail FREE SMTP server for SMS texting, you must turn on a security feature in your Google Gmail account called "Less Secure Apps". "Less Secure Apps" refers to 3rd party software like RaceLog Pro Plus. Since 3rd party apps are less secure, you should create a Gmail account just for the race car and use it for nothing personal. Occasionally, if there is a security breach or unknown login attempt on your email account, Google will turn off third party access to the server and you must turn it on again. You'll know if this has occurred because an error message will be generated by the server saying that "The message could not be sent", or that there was a "transport" error, etc.

Go to and login using your Gmail account username and password. In the upper right hand corner of the screen Click on the "dice looking" circle, then Click on "Account". On the left hand side of the screen Click on "Security". Scroll all the way down the page until you see "Allow Less Secure Apps" and turn it ON. It will be perhaps up to 30 minutes before the change will take place. Now the server is available to you once again.

You should not let anyone share your Gmail account! There are hourly and daily limits on using the free server. If you share the account your usage will be limited by your friends usage.

Google offers paid accounts in their business accounts without large usage limitations. Also, there are hundreds of SMTP servers that you can use aside from Gmail, AOL, or Yahoo. These however are not free.

Once such service is offered by "FastMail" ( They offer a "Standard" account for $5.00 per month. You will need the "Standard" account for 3rd party SMTP. Their system uses special app passwords for 3rd party applications that does away with the Gmail security issues. Unlike Gmail the FastMail server is extremely fast. The old adage applies, "You get what you pay for!"

I do not have a monetary interest in FastMail, it just appears to be the best and most economical alternative to Gmail that I could find.

Bob Kodadek


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Copyright 2021, Family Software. All rights reserved.