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This is verifiable performance and data from March 1998 at the Gatornationals, 21 years ago!
Below is Round 1, 8.911 setup for an 8.905, DA plus (+) 1146
It next rained for days on end and the race was rescheduled for the following week.
This run will become the Base Run:

The ET Predictor Screen
Below is the ET Prediction (8.812) and Throttle Stop Prediction (1.503) using the run from a week before.
A wholesale change in weather conditions, the DA is now minus (-) 1236.
We are getting one (1) time run. We setup for an 8.900.

Below are the results, a flat out 8.901 (Check the MPH)


Below is the Run Segment Analysis (Run #3 to Run #4)
Notice the effect of the change in the Throttle Stop duration on the graph.
Imagine, this was 21 years ago! We use the same scientific formulas today.
Does your present software do this for you?

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