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1. Trouble Shooting Altalab Alta/AltaCom II "Crazy Date"
Read Error

-- Issue: PageAire Pro Reports "Read Error, Try Again!" On Startup

Alta/AltaCom II sends the date to PageAire Pro on startup, however the data being sent is not a valid date so an error occurs and the program exists. The Alta/AltaCom II has a battery-backed real time clock that retains the date when the weather station is not in use. When this battery expires, the date is lost and the data being sent out cannot be recognized. Altalab calls it, "Crazy Date" and their fix is below.

"Crazy Date is a serious weather station condition that can be managed in the field until the you can return your Alta or AltaCom II for backup clock battery replacement. Here’s what you should know to best manage Crazy Date until you can send your station in for repair.

What Crazy Date looks like:
Date and time are wrong, often impossibly wrong (9/01/00 255:000 for example). The consequences of Crazy Date may include: “locking up” when the console transmits once on startup, but then doesn’t update the weather or transmit on schedule after that. Even after resetting, time and date revert or stop advancing when the station is turned off. You may see that the station locks up and you have to turn it off and back on to get a page. You may notice that the weather readings are wrong, not updating, or old.

Permanent fix – Send in your console in for backup battery replacement, (it cannot be done in the field).

Temporary fix – After starting the weather station, use Merlin to set the time and date.

Slightly better Temporary fix – install the latest Merlin (Merlin currently available on our website). Connect to the weather station, Launch Merlin > Click Tools > Preferences and choose Yes in the Set Time drop down Then click Export. This tells Merlin to AUTOMATICALLY set the time and date on launch, a time and keystroke saver for a racer who cannot spare the time to send in the weather station."

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