Family Software Newsletter #36 - February 15, 2011

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1. New! RaceLog Pro Plus with SMS Paging

2. Track Tested? It's Not What You Think!

-- New! RaceLog Pro Plus --
For 2011, we've released
a new version of RaceLog Pro. RaceLog Pro Plus, adds a new feature, Free SMS and Email Paging! SMS (Short Message Service) is also known as 'texting' and almost all wireless devices today will accept text messages and/or email. With SMS paging, an expensive UHF paging transmitter, antenna, or pager isn't needed. Instead, it uses the internet connection on your computer as the transmitter and your cell phone, iPad, iPod, or other wireless device as the receiver. It is free to send SMS text and email messages, though your cell phone provider may charge for you to receive text messages. It provides the same information that our UHF paging system does, directly to you in the staging lanes. There is no distance restriction with SMS Paging! We can now offer a complete Trailer Station Package with SMS Paging for as low as $995.00. There is nothing else to buy. Here is a link to the latest program:

RaceLog Pro 9 Plus

As always, ff you are a registered user of a previous version of RaceLog Pro, you can upgrade at a greatly reduced cost to the new RaceLog Pro 9 Plus software.

-- Track Tested? It's Not What You Think! --
I get asked frequently why I choose not to sell our products through dealers or retail establishments like Jegs or Summit. What looks like a good way to distribute your products is something entirely different. I stopped dealing with Summit many years ago because I started my business so I could be my own boss. After a few years, I had basically become an underpaid employee and was being told what to do and how to do it. Did you know that the retailer makes more profit on the product then the manufacturer? Then a few times a year UPS would show up with a huge box of "defective merchandise" and we had to offer replacement merchandise and/or credit. The defective merchandise consisted of software programs that their customers had bought, installed them on their computer, and then returned the disk for credit with explanations that were completely absurd. Or, computers that were purchased years before and had now been run over with a truck! When a manufacturer has an unlimited Satisfaction Guarantee, you can be assured that it's not going to be to the manufacturer's satisfaction. The retailer never loses a dime and essentially the manufacturer is financing the retailer at a huge cost. The manufacturer is also responsible for all technical help. The worst part is that you lose your customer base to the retailer.

So what exactly is "Track Tested" in the Jegs catalog? It's not what you think at all. Track Tested is a Sales Program where the manufacturer PAYS for the ad in their catalog, gives them a 60 percent DISCOUNT on every item sold, and pays half of the amount of other ads placed in National Dragster or other publications that show the product. It has nothing to do with the retailer testing or using the product! It's simply a gimmick that the manufacturer and the purchaser is paying dearly for. Because the retailer wants 60 percent of the retail price, the manufacturer must charge more for his product than it's worth resulting in lost sales, but the retailer doesn't care, every sale is a profit to him! Imagine a software program that costs $400 and the retailer gets $240 profit for placing the order from an ad that has been paid for by the manufacturer! In actuality, the software program is only worth $100, the other $60 goes towards the advertising and manufacturing costs. However, the person who ends up being screwed the most is YOU the customer. I'd rather deal directly with my customers and provide the best product and service at a lower cost to them. Unlike our competitors, we don't have to advertise!

-- REAL World Technical Support --
With Family Software, you'll get better technical support than anywhere on the planet. Why? Because, we design and/or use all of the products that we sell. All of my 40+ years of on-track racing experience and knowledge is available to you. Try to find that kind of information at any one of our competitors. You won't be able to, I guarantee it! Family Software cares about the racer and his/her success as a racer. We also want you to get the most value for your hard earned dollars.

-- Secure Ordering --

You can safely order directly from our web site. All of your information is handled on our Secure Server. We have established a privacy policy and it is posted on the web site. Our company is registered with the Public Eye for safe, secure ordering.

Bob Kodadek

SC 1596
Family Software - Drag Racing Computers and Software - 610.497.5561(Voice/Fax)

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