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Data Recorders:

DataMaster - Performance Data Recorder

Part # DM-9000 Complete system. Includes DataMaster Analyzer Software 4.17


Instantly available on recorder LCD without having to Download:

Engine RPM Playback and Pulse Width
Drive line RPM Playback and Pulse Width
Vehicle Reaction Time
Time to Distance Time Slip Form:
Accurate Time Slip Function - 60'/mph, 330'/mph, 660'/mph, 1000'/mph, 1320'/mph

Complete Graphing and Overlay Functions after Downloading:

Engine/Shaft RPM vs Time
Distance vs Time
Miles Per Hour vs Time
Drive Shaft Pulses vs Time
Efficiency% vs Time (Torque Covnerter/Clutch Slippage)
G-force vs Time (Acceleration)
Downloads to PC in just Four (4) Seconds!
Visual Throttle Stop, Shift Points, Traction, Converter Slippage, etc
So accurate you can see the effect of wind on Elapsed Time!
Accurately Test rev limit chips to within 3 RPM
6 Available Digital Input Channels to monitor switches, shifter, brake, throttle, etc.

Includes Performance Data Recorder, rubber mounts, drive shaft proximity sensor and shielded cable, split ring, download cable, and DataMaster Analyzer software.

If required, USB to Serial Adapters are available here

The DataMaster is not just a simple data recorder. it is a highly accurate Performance Data Recorder (PDR) . It is an all digital super fast computer and does not have any analog channels so it does not do temperatures or pressures, which in this application have no purpose or use. We are interested in recording performance and finding thousandths of a second of variance, where it happened, and why it occurred. It's all about consistency and this is the only tool that can do it.

DataMaster uses twelve(12) pickup points on the drive shaft. This is also the only data recorder that reports vehicle reaction time and actual performance data in time slip form that will actually match a Compulink timing system within .001 of a second. ET and MPH for every foot of the race track. And the DataMaster weighs just 14 ounces.

DataMaster will accept any DC power source from 9 to 36 volts. It can store up to four runs in memory without having to download. There are a total of 16 digital input channels that can detect contact closures (switches), or count pulses. Nine digital inputs are currently accessed by the units firmware with the remaining 7 inputs being reserved for future expansion. Two digital inputs are used to record crankshaft and drive shaft pulses, a third by the system, and 6 more are available to monitor switches of your choosing, shifter, brake pedal, full throttle, etc.

A forty (40) character, two line, LCD screen and 12 button keypad are used to display data after each run and to perform other functions. DataMaster supports RS232 communication for downloading data directly to an IBM compatible PC for graphing and analysis. DataMaster Analyzer software allows the user to put the cursor anywhere on the graph and see the actual data instantly. Overlay one run on top of another for easy

How does DataMaster compare to the other data recorders on the market? To read our newsletter concerning this topic, click here.

-------- Original Message --------
DataMaster Performance Recorder
Date: 3/10/06 9:19 AM

Bob, I really think your computer would (also) work on any Pro Car.

As far as it working with (MSD) 44 mags, It seems to be as good as a Racepak. With some time to get use to it, I think it will be a great alternative to the high priced unit.

You could have a whole new market in the making.

Bill Kuhlmann
Pro Mod - Nitro Coupe

Missouri’s Bill Kuhlmann became the first doorslammer racer to crack the 200-mph barrier. He also nearly became the first in the “fives” when he ran 6.001, 234.41 in a Nitro Coupe.

"I have seen everything else that is out there. Nothing else can compare! The DataMaster can find mere thousandths of a second in performance variance between runs. The other brands are just old-fashioned data loggers, they can't provide a Sportsman racer any valuable information."
...Bob Kodadek (developer), SC 1596


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