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Computer Parts:

USB 4-Port Hub


Part # USB-HUB
Price: $14.95


This 4-port USB Mini Hub provides an easy way to add up to 4 USB peripherals so that you can connect up to 4 more USB devices into your PC or Mac! Just plug the USB hub into your computer and you have a portable and easily accessible way to connect other USB devices. This can be used for connecting digital cameras, printers or whatever else might be needed. USB (Universal Serial Bus) is the new interface standard that lets your system automatically detect and configure a variety of low and medium bandwidth peripherals including input devices, page scanners, and monitors that can connect to a USB port or hub. Hassles over add-in cards, dip switches, jumpers, IRQs, DMA channels and I/O addresses should be a thing of the past. When using a hub, you can hot -swap among multiple peripherals, such as a mouse, scanner, and joystick, without having to fumble around with the connections on the back of your PC. If you connect an USB hub to your system you also gain several additional USB ports so you can attach nontraditional peripherals.


Fully compliance with USB Specification 1.1(Data Rate 1.5/12 Mbps)
Compact size, 4 A-type USB ports with double decks design
Support Plug & Play and hot-swap functions
Self-power and bus power auto switch function
Five (5) meter transmission distance
Supports both full speed and low speed devices
Four (4) downstream ports
Supports full speed (12Mbps) & low speed (1.5Mbps)
Supports Bus Powered and Self Powered Modes
Compatible with any machine with USB port (Both PC and MAC compatible)


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