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RaceLog Pro 7 Plus - Paging Left and Right Lanes Simultaneously

One of the things that RaceLog Pro 7 Plus, and our Family Software Paging System allows you to do, is to page multiple cars or both Left and Right Lane Predictions and weather data. Also, you may page multiple vehicles on the same pager or multiple pagers.

To handle multiple cars and/or to page Right Lane/Left Lane ET Predictions simultaneously, there are three (3) additional instances of RaceLog Pro 7 installed into the subfolders:

C:\RaceLog Pro 7\Car2
C:\RaceLog Pro 7\Car3
C:\RaceLog Pro 7\Lane2

You can therefore run up to four (4) copies of the program at one time, each working with a different database. Of course this is only necessary if you have multiple cars in the staging lanes at the same time, or if you wish to send both Right Lane and Left Lane data for one vehicle.
Be sure that you have added your pager CapCode in PageAire Pro 7, under Pager Setup-Pager Names, "Pager 1" and "Pager 2".

To launch an additional instance of RaceLog Pro, Click on All Programs, RaceLog Pro Plus, Select More, and click on which one you’d like to use. For Right Lane/Left Lane paging, open the same database, that you are currently using in the original instance of RaceLog Pro. For multiple cars, open the database for the other car.

This is how to start the paging both lanes:

1. Start PageAire Pro as usual and leave in running in the background.

2. Start the original copy of RaceLog Pro 7 Plus as usual, by double clicking on the desktop icon.

3. In your database, bring up on the screen the Left Lane run that you are going to predict from for Lane 1. Open the ET Predictor and start paging to Pager 1 as usual.

4. For the Right Lane (Lane 2),
Click on All Programs, RaceLog Pro Plus, Select More, and click on Lane 2 to start the Lane 2 instance of RaceLog Pro 7.

5. In the new instance of RaceLog Pro 7, if necessary, Click on Open Database, and open the same database. You should find it in the folder:

C:\RaceLog Pro 7

(After this, the program will remember your database and open it for you.) Next, bring up the Right Lane run that you are going to predict from for Lane 2. Open the ET Predictor and start paging. You are now paging both lanes to the same pager simultaneously and showing up as P1 and P2.

Both messages can arrive on the same pager and will be identified with the prefix P1 or P2, for Pager 1, or Pager 2. This way you can tell which message is for which car or lane.

Bob Kodadek
SC 1596
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