How-To: Create Google Gmail App Passwords

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Google Gmail SMTP Server Now Requires an "APP PASSWORD"

Google needed to cut down on the amount of Spam going through their SMTP Server so for texting, "Less Secure Apps" is now obsolete. To continue using the Gmail server for texting, you must use 2-Step-Verification and a Google App Password that you create.

When 2-Step-Verification is selected the "Less Secure Apps" option will no longer appear and the "Create App Password" option will appear. The App Password you create will only be used in "SMS Setup" in the ET Predictor not for logging in to your Gmail account, that password stays the same. You only have to create the App Password once unless you change your Gmail login password. On the SMS Setup window, enter your App Password that you created in the box marked "SMTP Password" instead of your Gmail Login password. Do not enter any spaces that appear in your App Password.

Here is a link to a YouTube video showing how to create a Google App Password step by step.

Create Google Gmail App Password

If you want a better SMS texting solution than Gmail you could use a private server that is faster than using a free server. For $5.00 a month a private server has no limitations on usage. Check out the company "FastMail" and their "Standard" plan.

FastMail Smtp Server



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