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Infrared Thermometers:

Gun Style Laser Infrared Thermometer


Part # IRT4 Laser Sighted, Digital Infrared Thermometer
Price: $89.95

In drag racing, an Infrared Thermometer is commonly used for checking the temperature of the starting line, tires, cylinder heads, rear end, etc. However, an Infrared Thermometer can also be used to find hot or cold cylinders by checking the header tube temperatures. With a Laser Infrared Thermometer, you just place the red laser dot on the tube in question and the temperature is reported immediately. Without laser sighting, you won't know what you are pointing at! The cheaper units you see advertised are not laser sighted instruments! The IRT4 has Laser Sighting, a Backlit LCD Display, and a Data Hold Function. Temperature range is 0 degrees F to 788 degrees F. Dimensions are 6.7 x 1.7 x 1.6 inches. Includes Battery and Soft Case.


  • 8:1 Optical Resolution
  • Gun Style
  • Backlight
  • Automatic Data Hold
  • Laser Target Pointer
  • F/C Switch
  • Auto Power Off
  • Non-Contact Measurement


  • Temp Range: 0 to 788 degrees F.
  • Accuracy: 3 degrees F.
  • Emmisivity: 0.95 (Fixed)
  • Response Time: 500 Milliseconds
  • Dimensions: 6.70" x 1.70" x 1.60"



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